Friday, 6 July 2007

Post 100... well 110 actually!

When I reached post 100 on Paper and cloth I was in the middle of the bra contest so I decided to delay my 100 post giveaway until 110. Well, here we are! So, if you'd like a set of four cards as featured in my previous post just leave me a comment with the answer to this question:

What was the last thing you did that made someone else smile?

I'll be drawing the winner randomly tomorrow morning (UK time) so get those comments in quickly!

And thank you everyone for reading my blog and making blogging so much fun. x

EDIT: contest now closed, see the comments for the winner.


tiina said...

Awww, just thinking of making people smile is lovely!

I shared my chocolate with a friend yesterday. :D

askey said...

I gave my boy a sock monkey from siansburys about an hour ago - he still hasn't stopped smiling!! :D

Anushka said...

I have no idea! Smiled at a builder who smiled back at me, probably.

Anonymous said...

I let a lady with small girl into the loo queue ahead of me in M&S. She was happy, smiling...relieved!

Lovealittle ♥

dottie angel said...

oooh, am i too late...i think the last thing i might have done to make people smile is take pictures of a pesky gnome on his travels..i like to think they were smiles and not looks of "she's barking mad"...

thanks for reading my little blog, much appreciated :)

Christine said...

Thank you for your comments! Tif- you are definitely making me smile with your pesky gnome travels. Hope he (and you) has a good day today- the sun is shining for a change.

So the winner is.... (Ben quick pick a number)... no.4! Lovealittle, will convo you on etsy now. :)


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