Friday, 30 March 2007


Sorry I haven't been posting much this week- got not one but two infections (throat and water) according to the doctor so I'm on antibiotics for 7 days. Feeling pretty rubbish to say the least. I have so much to write about but it will have to wait (things I bought in Rome; my new cushion & curtain; Bird ATCs; New card design; Easter). So come back soon and hopefully I'll be a lot better in a few days.


Rhi said...

aw nasty :( my mum has a sinus infection at the minute. seems to be the season for infections. gah.
i hope you start feeling better soon lady <3

SmurfPop said...

Aww, sorry to hear you're not feeling well, I hope you get better quickly! x

Christine said...

I'm feeling much better today thanks girls. :)
And exciting- I booked a train ticket to London yesterday. Off to the big smoke for the day on Good Friday, planning to go to the V&A, any other ideas?

Anushka said...

BLARG it keeps deleting my comments!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, just wanted to say get well soon, pretend your internet has become mysteriously disconnected (so you don't have to work), and when you go to the V&A go and have lunch at the crepe place which is round the corner. Because it's FAB. (Though often full of French tourists.)


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