Thursday, 8 March 2007

Lazy days...

I've been off work all day today, and I'm off all day tomorrow aaaaannnnd all day Monday! Woo, 5 day weekend. :)

So today I woke up earlier than usual (why does that happen when you don't need to get up?), read my book for a while, hoovered a bit (strange thing to do before eating), had some breakfast, caught up with some blog reading, had a hour-long bath with more reading (rudely interrupted by my boyfriend calling from his snowboarding holiday in France), did yet more cleaning, chatted to my friend, made a birthday card and wrapped a present (for a friend coming over tonight), took a walk to my local shop and back, had bacon sandwiches for lunch (and a creme egg), watched Neighbours, went to Tescos (bought birthday cake), made my bed, read Good Food magazine (domestic goddess), watched a bit more TV, wrote this post!

Tonight I have two friends coming over for Mexican (fajitas & tacos), followed by birthday cake- yum!

Tomorrow morning will start with a breakfast (ooh got some bacon left) with my friend who's staying over and then we'll be going for a training walk as we're doing the Moonwalk again this year (26 miles).

Busy busy.

Oh yesterday this top and the top and shorts in the second photo arrived from La Redoute... bring on Spring/Summer.


Rhi said...

sounds like a pretty lush day to me. lovely new top aswell!
hope you had a nice night x

Christine said...

It was a great night thank you :) Just finished my walk so off for another luxurious long soak in the bath. Going to see the Rocky Horror Show tonight which should be interesting!


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