Thursday, 3 March 2011

{crafty help} I can’t afford materials

The latest in my twitter-inspired crafty help series is all about crafting on a budget. See part 1 here.

@knikitta raised two issues, and I'll address space later (one of the most tweeted problems), but I want to look at crafting on a budget first.

As I'm attempting a new craft every week for a year I have to be a bit creative with materials. One of my favourite ways is to reuse and recycle stuff from around the house.

Finished papier-mâché bowl

Papier-mâché is a classic way of recycling - in this project I used paper from our shredder and PVA glue but you could also use the traditional flour and water paste. It costs just pennies.

If you've got an old wool jumper hanging around you can use it to make a corsage or a toy rabbit. This is particularly good if you managed to shrink a previous favourite grey sweater in the wash like I did. Ahem.

Handmade cards

And you can reuse wrapping paper, greetings cards and magazines to make enough cards to last you for all the birthdays you can handle. I made the ones above with craft punches but you can also just cut out simple shapes freehand.

I have lots more ideas to save money when crafting so I think I'll cover this over several posts. Look out for more soon. But in the meantime, over to you. How do you craft on a budget?

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