Sunday, 13 June 2010

{week 1/52} quilling

Have you headed over to visit my new project yet? I've completed week 1 with a paper quilling project.

Quilled birthday card

Go take a look and let me know what you think. Are there any crafts you'd like to see me try?


ClareBears said...

ooh looks nice!! This looks like an interesting project.

If you fancy giving toy making a go then give me a shout on twitter and I'll send you a pattern cos I have boat loads of them!

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic. I never thought of using quilling to make a card like this. How about lino printing?

Ann said...

I really like your quilled card - simple, but just right. Have you ever tried working with precious metal clay? That's something I'd like to try.

Christals Creations said...

Looking forward to next weeks! Card is lovely.
PMC now I have some I was given for my birthday but i'm too scared to use it. LOL.
I want to try the printing with flowers and leaves they showed on Katies Garden, (it may not have been called that, but it was the slightly mad woman and her garden showing you how to eat your garden), it had lovely results. :o)

Christine said...

Thank you Clare x

Good idea Jules - will add to the list x

Ann, I'll put PMC on the list, thank you x

The flower printing sounds interesting Fiona, I'll have to investigate x


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