Sunday, 6 June 2010

Mini tutorial - pretty centrepiece

If only I'd thought of this before my hen tea party last year - it would also be perfect for country-style wedding receptions.

All you need is a cute vintage tea cup and a few pretty carnations (carnations are perfect for this project as they're all fluffy and poofy).

Chop the stems so they fit snuggly in your teacup, don't forget water, and put in as many as will fit so you get a nice dome shape.
Told you it was easy.


Christals Creations said...

Very pretty.
I just popped over to give you this link I thought you might be intrigued by this lady.
Hope you well. xx

Christine said...

Thank you Fiona - very inspirational! Do you think the charity shops of Suffolk would provide similar inspiration?

Christals Creations said...

I can see myself popping into Sue Ryder and EACH and saying I would like 352 old dresses i'll pay £1 each!
Saying that Stowmarket has enough charity shops for half the population of Suffolk.

Shannon said...

Gorgeous and inspirational~ would you be able to tell me the color or name of the carnation you used? I'm looking for the very same one for my wedding! Kind regards.

Christine said...

Shannon - oh I wish I knew! They were part of a large bouquet I received from work mates when I was off sick. Sorry I can't help - good luck with tracking down the perfect flowers for your wedding.


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