Tuesday, 30 December 2008

New years goals...

Thought it would be a laugh to look back at my post from the beginning of the year and see which ones I actually kept!

  1. Recycle all tetrapack cartons (juice, soya milk etc.). So far I have four cartons in the recycling box and none in the bin. Yes this one I did manage to do, we're recycling all our cartons
  2. Take part in this "paper adventure". Mini book is done, I haven't done the first prompt yet but I have planned it. Um yeah managed about 5 weeks of this!
  3. Go to the gym five times in the next month. I haven't been yet, but am planning to go at least once by the end of the week. I'm almost certain I didn't do this.
  4. Don't buy any new craft supplies until March 2008. OK with this so far although I am going to need some blank cards soon to re-stock my etsy shop which is getting a bit depleted. Again, almost certain I didn't do this.
  5. No new clothes in January (charity shop clothes are ok). Well as mentioned above I need to change this one. So it now will read: Have at least one "no new clothes" month every six months. Didn't do this either but I do think a lot more about buying new clothes now and try to look for better quality clothes.
  6. New one: Be more organised by planning meals for the week, planning activities for the week and re-organising cluttered parts of the house. I've started this by getting a diary (actually it was free and I've covered it to make it more attractive, photos to follow), I've planned the meals for the week and I've started planning what tasks I need to do each week. I also invested in some DVD storage units to tidy the piles of DVDs, CDs and Wii games in our lounge. Well I do still plan meals for the week but the cleaning/de-cluttering isn't going so well!
  7. New one: Look for ways to reuse rather than recycle where possible. Try to find a new way every month and write a tutorial for it where possible. I have an idea for this already that I need to try out. Think I managed 2 of these??
I think the lesson here is that new years resolutions (or goals!) don't work. I do have one for next year though but think I'll keep that to myself for now.


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