Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Update type thing

Oh dear, I've just got too much to do I can't keep up. But I often find myself inexplicably doing nothing useful at all. Which is bad. But can maybe be forgiven right now as I have tonsillitis.
Here's my to-do list:

  • Promote my new website: (well that's that job done for the moment)
  • Finish my dissertation (due Dec 15th)
  • Finish (well, start) 3000 word essay due in less than two weeks
  • Print and send NOTHS bespoke stationery orders
  • Buy bridesmaid dresses, speak to DJ, arrange tastings with caterer, go taste cakes.
  • Do day job fairly well hopefully!
  • Tell everyone that the first 10 customers of the aforementioned website get a free limited edition Pretty in Paisley calendar (tick!)
  • Make a cup of tea
  • Start making Christmas presents
  • There is so much more I'm sure.
Yesterday I intended to dig out a photo of my great-uncle who was killed in 1915 while serving in France in the First World War. I also have a letter that he wrote home to his family that I wanted to share. But guess what, I ran out of time. And the box containing the photo and letter and in a cupboard that is currently taped shut to minimise the amount of brick dust that gets in- we're doing some house re-modelling!

I promise I'm not about to crack up (hopefully) but if my posts are even more sparse you know why. There's always twitter which I do vaguely keep updated. x

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