Saturday, 1 November 2008

Art Every Day Month

Well here goes, the start of art every day month. I can't promise to take photos every day but I can do my best to do something creative every day this month in some shape or form. I've spent quite a bit of today printing up orders for my NOTHS shop. But that doesn't really count as creative in my mind. I've already designed the screens, I'm just putting different people's names on the stationery. I'm so pleased though to have had several orders this week, being in the NOTHS catalogue was obviously the right decision. I don't want it to go crazy though. My small business needs to stay small for the time being- I have a dissertation to finish, a magazine to write for and a wedding to plan (let alone a full time job and a house to look after!)

Anyway, I will be doing something creative today and hopefully I'll remember to take photos too. Happy 1st November x


Jules said...

I look forward to seeing your photos. I discovered NOTHS a month ago (I think from your blog or HB!) and I'm certainly going to use it for Christmas pressies this year

Rhi said...

hurrah for art every day!

Kezzaroo said...

busy busy bunny :)


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