Thursday, 28 August 2008

Quirky me

Lu posted her quirks, so here are mine...
  • I can't sleep without ear plugs. I can be home alone and there be no noise but I still need them to sleep.
  • I have to put my mugs on the mug tree in a certain way (they have to follow each other if that makes sense? No bottoms facing bottoms!)
  • Also on the sleeping thing, I need to read before I can sleep too. The cause of many an argument that one!
  • I love decorative boxes and collect them. Not one of them has anything in it.
  • I hate mess. But I'm really messy. Funnily enough that ones causes arguments too. It could be I only hate other people's mess.
  • Like Lu, the slightest bit of embarrassment or nerves causes me to go red. Not fun.
Anyone else want to list theirs?


GUGAW said...

hehe ditto on the hating mess....:P

charlotte narunsky said...

haha! some of those sound scarily familiar!

debsmuddle said...

I like quirky!

design for mankind. said...

Ha, you are SO CUTE! ;)

sooziebee said...

hey ditto on the red thing, the earplugs thing and also the mug thing!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone has quirks, here's mine...

I have a phobia of anything going in or coming out of my belly button

I can't stand people eating noisily (but the dog is fine)

When having a Full English I have to seperate the egg from the beans with sausages so they don't meet

The sound of tearing cardboard causes me to get an acute pain in my forehead

I think that's it! Good idea for a post :)


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