Friday, 29 August 2008

My studio/study/craft room/spare room

I'm so happy to have a dedicated "space" at last, it's got room for all my craft supplies, I can sit comfortably to work and study (and blog) and it's got room for a sofa bed (eventually).

Here's a few photos (with the messy bits cleverly avoided). I need to take one of my desk at some point that my man made for me (need to clear it a bit first though!).

1. My study- inspiration board, 2. Study windowsill, 3. Shelf in my study, 4. My study

Go to flickr to see all the notes of who the pieces of artwork are by.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend x


Katy said...

yes...I AM jealous!

GUGAW said...

ooh love that clock!


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