Saturday, 10 May 2008

Summer Sun

I took this little self portrait the other evening as the sun was getting low in the sky. It's been quite a trend lately (and some of you may have noticed) for me to leave my glasses on. I used to always wear my contact lenses but of late I've got quite used to wearing my specs. This is partly because two years ago the optician told me I was wearing my lenses too much and risking damaging my eyes. So I bought my glasses and started wearing them a little more- to the office, at home and in the evenings etc. But I still didn't really wear them if I was going out and if I took a photo of myself, I'd take them off. However, I've grown to quite like my glasses. I feel like "me" when I wear them and I don't expect to hear those bullies voices from the past jeering and laughing any more.

So here I am, just me.

P.S. Having said all this, I will still wear lenses (especially my new daily ones which are thinner and more comfy) but not as often.
P.P.S If I'm feeling extra brave I might share some photos of me as an awkward teenager with dodgy hair, dodgy clothes and even dodgier glasses!


Grooveycrafts said...

Its great to have sunshine even though its forcasted to thunder tonight.. eek!

Its awful you got picked on for wearing glasses, I can quite happily say its one thing I didn't get picked on for and people had every right to if they did as we (my sister and I) had those awful NHS plastic glasses that were huge and only came in pink and brown.

I tried to get some lenses 2 years ago but gave up as I couldn't get the right ones, I've got funny shapes eyes so they kept falling out :(. I've got an appointment this month as I just think its nice to have them for special occasions but I don't know if they've got new lenses out or not that I can try. Still worth going though :)

Anonymous said...

I like your glasses! I just bought a vintage frame from Etsy, so we shall see. I wear extended wear lenses for a month without taking them out, and they are cool, so the frames are just for fun ;-D

Rhi said...

i think this could be an advert!
i love it.


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