Wednesday, 28 May 2008

All about the dress

Lets gloss over the fact that I haven't done a mood board since the beginning of the month and that in fact I haven't blogged here for weeks.

Instead let's move on to talk about one of the most important aspects of the big day- the dress.

I went to an amazing place in London recently and tried on some stunning vintage wedding dresses. Sadly I didn't find my dream dress but I did get lots of inspiration and I really want my dress to be vintage inspired if not actually vintage. So here's a little mosaic of some current favourites photos.

Centre: flickr
1. etsy 2. etsy 3. flickr 4. flickr 5. flickr 6. flickr 7. hello lucky 8. wedding bee 9. red loft studios 10. the vintage wedding dress company 11. vintage style clothing 12. vintage style clothing

What do you think? Have you seen any vintage or vintage-inspired dresses you think I might like?


niftyknits said...

I love the slinky grey one - but my wedding was totally low key cos I don't like getting dressed up, so I'm the last person to have a valid opinion! Happy hunting :-)

victoriapeat said...

Oooo, how exciting! I loved trying on wedding dresses. Good luck in your search for the perfect one!

HollyLynne said...

ooh, that vintage dress shop looks AMAZING!! I just got word that my dress is ready for pick up! its not vintage, quite modern actually but a ballgown shape w/ a corset back. I've got a coat to wear over it that I'm having heavily tailored to fit my 'vision' :) I do have one vintage element though . . .a SPECTACULAR 40s rhinestone tiara that I got at an antique shop in LA. If you can't find the right vintage dress, maybe you can make up for it with great vintage accessories!

Jane said...

So pretty and feminine! Love the one with the wide satin sash at the waist.


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