Monday, 13 August 2007

This weekend I...

... made a skirt from a pair of jeans

My feet!

... and wore it to a lovely pub by the river where we had lunch and a drink

Summer drink

... followed by ice creams on the beach and a lovely walk with the dog

Felixstowe sea front
Ben and toby on felixstowe seafront

...and finally we had a walk around a picturesque lake.

Ducks on fishing lake near Woodbridge

Hope you all had great weekends lovelies. x


Pinky said...

Cool! You made a skirt from jeans? How awesome is that???

Sounds like you all had a lovely weekend. I worked, but that's to be expected. My dad did surprise us with a visit though.

You sound happy and that's fantastic! HUGS and much love to you!

SmurfPop said...

What a lovely weekend! I had an ice cream at the beach on Sunday - even though it was packed it was still nice to have some sunshine! x


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