Saturday, 4 August 2007

Happy Saturday

Hi everyone, hope wherever you are you're enjoying beautiful sunshine like we are today! I've popped inside for a few minutes to cool down and to catch up with my blog reading and to say hello.

I made this card set last week which I really love. I need to set up and take some better photos, unfortunately along with the sun we have quite a strong breeze so I can't take any outdoor photos. Will try and find a sunny spot in the house instead.

Click the photo to go to my etsy store

I meant to say thank you ages ago to Rhi for the Rockin Blogger award she kindly bestowed upon me. Thank you lovely!

I'm going to be really lame and not nominate anyone as I can't decide! But I consider anyone who reads this blog as pretty rockin'!


nina kuriloff said...

your card is cute!


A Fanciful Twist said...

Love your card!!! So fresh and happy... ;)

Rhi said...

i just love ALL these cards.
so much.

Pinky said...

Like the new card!! But you know ho much I like your cards! :)


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