Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A year of achievements

Guess what? I've completed my 52 crafts in 52 weeks project - I can’t quite believe it. I came up with the idea whilst recovering from back surgery last June and I’m so proud to have completed a craft a week for a whole magnificent year.

 Another crazy idea I had a year ago was to take part in the Edinburgh Moonwalk. So I’m writing this post whilst resting my incredibly sore feet. I walked 26.2 miles through the night for breast cancer and completed it in a very respectable 7 hours. Something else to be proud of I think. I hope all this pride doesn’t result in a fall. As I can hardly walk that’s very possible.

Important crafting note: I decorated my bra with fabulous sequin fabric and tassels. The theme was Moulin Rouge so I totally had to add feathers to my hat too. Where would we crafters be without glue guns?

What has made you proud lately?


Greenby Nature said...

Congratulations. It's been great to follow your progress on twitter.

Anonymous said...

How a year has flown! What has been your favourite and least favourite craft? Congratulations on completing both the moonwalk an 52 week craft project.

Christine said...

Thank you Greenby - I'm really excited that I've finished but watch this space for year 2 details

Jules - I think my fave was probably the machine embroidery as it's so versatile and easy to do. Mr Bunny was pretty special too. And my least fave was needle felting - maybe I'll give it another chance in year 2 though :) x


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