Sunday, 1 May 2011

Wedding love

I love a good wedding, don't you? And oh how I loved the Royal Wedding. I cried (quite a lot, and I'm not ashamed to admit it), wore a tiara (seriously) and drank tea whilst soaking up every minute of it. I watched it again today - much to my husband's puzzlement but I wanted to see all my favourite bits again. And it was more poignant when you (possibly) know what they were saying to each other (loved it when William told Kate she looked beautiful). The dress was amazing, Prince William dashing, the bridesmaids and page boys adorable and the whole day flawless.

The Duchess of Cambridge

What was your favourite part of the big day?

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StowmarKate said...

I loved it, too! We made scones and had champagne and I wore my tiara for the ceremony, too. I think my favorite part was Prince Harry's smirk (man, your wife is HOT) or somesuch. The other bit was the kiss on the balcony with the little bridesmaid putting her hands over her ears. TOO LOUD!


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