Saturday, 31 July 2010

Why do you make stuff?

Sometimes when I tell people I like to make things I get comments like: "How do you find the time?" and "Oh I'd love to make things but I'm just not creative enough". And other people just don't get it or see the point of making things just for fun.

Let's look at each of those comments in turn...

"How do your find the time?"
I simply make the time. If I find myself spending too much time surfing around the crafty internet instead of doing some actual crafting I stop and go and do something less boring instead (why don't you?).
Of course having a project to drive me helps as well. And sometimes I'll craft instead of doing the cleaning (am I a terrible wife?).

"Oh I'd love to make things but I'm just not creative enough"
I fundamentally believe that everyone is creative. Some people are just too scared to let go and try. There are tonnes of articles about how adults have forgotten how to just relax and create - as children we'd happily make things out of toilet rolls and yoghurt pots. I also think that creativity is a bit like a muscle - the more you use it, the more you can do. I learn new techniques all the time (literally every week at the moment of course!) and that keeps my muscle working.

"I don't see the point"
I mainly make stuff to relax and have fun. Of course I enjoy sharing the results of what I make with my internet friends but it also helps me forget the stresses of work and just be myself. 

So over to you - why do you make things? And what do people say about it when you tell them: I'm a crafter!

PS Just for fun - here's the first project I ever posted a photo of on the internet...  

I have certainly learnt some better photography skills in the last four years - and the box the card is sitting on used to contain all the craft supplies I owned. Now I can fill a room. How times change!


Christals Creations said...

I love the way the craft supplies have over taken your space. I find the same thing. I had a little set of drawers, now it's 3 or four and a few boxes and a work bench and a surface for a cleaner and a rolling mill and so it goes on. . .

liz noonan said...

If I dont make things I get depressed - so making is my therapy and/or antidepressant! I call myself a compulsive crafter and it's really true.


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