Thursday, 31 December 2009

Making it look like Christmas

This year's tree was the biggest yet - good job we'd moved some furniture around and could fit it in! I went for traditional red & white with a smattering of silver.

I only bought a couple of new decorations this year, one of which was this beauty from SnowFish...

There were also a few handmade additions of my own such as the paper bird on the left of this shot:

The presents were all wrapped in brown parcel paper with white & red ribbon and teeney tiny white baubles.

The smattering of silver was a bit more than a smattering in this bowl full of baubles:

And finally - the table...

Actually, finally a photo of Toby looking cute (note: even his chew coordinated, not deliberately I hasten to add):

So I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and have a brilliant 2010. Happy new year!


That Crafty Fish! said...

awwww - and the size of that tree!!! x

Christine said...

Husband had to chop the back out so it would go flat against the wall otherwise we couldn't have got in the room!


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