Sunday, 9 August 2009

I'm still here

No lame excuses (apart from the fact I'm planning the biggest day of my life) but I've just realised I didn't post here for the whole of July. I didn't blog about my 30th birthday, the fantastic Take That concert or the latest issue of UK Handmade magazine.

Today I've had a lovely day. I went for a wander around the shops followed by a panini and latte in my favourite coffee shop. Then I went strawberry picking and picked up some veggies & chicken for dinner from the farm shop.

I've also been pottering around the garden. Some flowers have been and gone (poppies and allium) but the vegetables are looking beautiful and so are the artichokes that have gone to flower.

1. Tomatoes, 2. Chillies, 3. Chillies, 4. Tomato, 5. Dried poppy heads, 6. Dried Alium, 7. Artichoke in flower, 8. Artichoke in flower, 9. Artichoke in flower


Cath Friend said...

Glad you're still there! Your garden looks full of lovely stuff. I have tried and failed with tomatoes this summer:( Congratulations on your bumper harvest and your recent birthday:)

Anne said...

Take that was the highlight of
July! I've hardly blogged either..just very poor right now and nothing exciting happening in the kitchen!

Jules said...

I love alliums and flowering artichokes, there is something really pretty about them.

Love your TT photos. I don't know if I was spending too much time oogling at Gary & Mark at the beginning but I really can't remember the big blue balloon at the beginning I can remeber all the smaller balloons though that the boys were hiding behind! But then again the weather was so bad at our concert they may have foregone the big balloon. Who knows?!?


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