Thursday, 18 June 2009

It feels nice to make something

Even if it's something quick and simple like these origami shirt father's day cards- tutorial here.

I need to make something else soon (other than wedding invites of course).


Anonymous said...

I love these, very cool!

Jaime said...

Hi, my name is Jaime and I have a blog (
I was passing through your blog and LOVE your cards!! Would you ever want to take part in a giveaway?
I am hosting a giveaway on my blog in August promoting work from home creative women and all of the giveaways are going to be handmade! I was just wondering if you would like to join, or if you knew anyone else creative who would be interested? Thanks

Vivi said...

I love your work!

You're welcome:

Melina Yingling said...

Thanks for sharing. I think I might get some fancy paper and make one tonight. Lovely!


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