Wednesday, 15 April 2009

One man and his shed

I like taking photos of people when they don't know I'm doing it. That could be perceived as stalking but I think it's okay when it's photos of my fiancé putting up our shed. It took nearly all day Monday to do it but it's looking good. Next stage is actually putting something in it but we don't like to rush these things...

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter break. It was so nice to have four whole days of relaxing. I managed to get our invitation wording and layout done and finished my tiara. I'm still not sure about wearing a tiara but at least I have the option. I'll post photos on crafty bride soon.


SallyF said...

ah I do love a good shed. we repainted ours blue over the weekend. it was a good weekend for sheds I feel. you will fill it in no time, betcha!

Nat said...

I agree with you about the photo thing. I took a really nice one the other day of these two people sitting on a bench by the river (you could only see their silhouettes so I guess it's ok...)


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