Friday, 10 October 2008

Walk the Walk

Some of you may remember I did the Playtex MoonWalk last year (and the year before that!) and what an amazing experience it was. Can you imagine how amazing it is walking 26 miles around London, at night, with 10,000+ other women and wearing a decorated bra? No? Neither could I until I did it. The feeling at the end was one of relief, elation and pride and very emotional.

I personally can’t commit the time needed to train for this (be under no illusion, the training is essential and hard work) so I won’t be taking part in 2009 but maybe some of you may be inspired to instead? If you’re looking for a way to get fit, raise some money for breast cancer research, treatment & care and have fun, enter the MoonWalk next week when entries open (16th October). Do it for me?

Here are a few (a lot of) photos that might inspire you (or put you off!) Let me know if you decide to enter!

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