Thursday, 18 September 2008

Oh dear

I'm a bad blogger again. I am still here I promise :) I can't think what I've been doing lately, so here's a list of September so far to help me remember...

a little bit of partying (best friend's 30th), a lot of reading, some working, some studying, not enough making, cleaning :(, lots of bulb planting and weeding, daydreaming of a French style wedding, bridesmaid dress browsing, thinking about knitting, loving Japanese stuffs, wondering if I can bake a gingerbread house, playing with picnik, writing for the UK Handmade magazine.

Just so this isn't a pictureless post, here's a picniked photo of moi (it's photo you'll have seen before I'm sure)...


Rhi said...

UK Handmade! i've never seen this before, thankyou for the link!
i am a bad blogger toooo.
but at least you are doing good things with your non blogging time!

Molly said...

Hi! I absolutley love your blog and the note cards that you make. I loved your bird tutorial it reminds me of something my granny would love. Please come visit me at my neck of the woods. Have a fabulous weekend.

~ Molly P

Anonymous said...

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