Tuesday, 26 June 2007

The perfect present

I've been so rubbish at posting lately. I don't really know why, just haven't had anything to talk about.

Today though I'd like to introduce you to three talented etsy sellers who I recently asked to create some custom items for the hard-to-buy-for men in my life.

I've blogged about the super talented Kezzaroo before but she deserves another mention for the fab custom little person she made me. I can't post a picture here as the person it's for has been known to frequent my blog and their birthday hasn't been yet! Needless to say though they're going to love it.

For my Dad's birthday and Father's Day combined I decided to get him some pictures of his three dogs. It is impossible to get them to sit together so there's no chance of him ever having a photo of them all. So the fabulous etsy sellers bunny & askey produced two stunning pictures of them for me.

by bunny

by askey

My Dad was absolutely thrilled with them- made a change from socks!


Rhi said...

men are seriously hard to buy for. but that is a lovely present!

eva said...

I don`t know if you noticed that game, I pulled you into. Called "tagging". If you could come by my blog and see how it goes, I would be delighted, if you would take part of it too!
Or I write it here.
If someone tags you (like I did)
In according to rules You have to tag other 5 European Etsy Sellers. Please post 5 random facts about yourself on your blog then choose 5 Etsy sellers to continue the game.

Vanessa said...

That is a huge change from socks.. hehehe. Love them! And, love your charming photos below!!! What a doll!! xoxo

Mom2fur said...

What a wonderful and different idea for a gift! The pictures are adorable, and I bet they will be greatly treasured.


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