Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Lots of ATCs

I've made lots of ATCs over the last few days. A lot of them are for swaps so I can't show them yet. However I'm making a love themed set for Valentine's day that I'm going to make into a little book (I think) for my other half:


Kiss ATC

vintage love

I think I may have a little addiction to these mini pieces of art. I think it's because they're so small you can make them relatively quickly (although some can take several days if I can't decide what to do!) and I love trading them with artists from all over the world.


rhi said...

i'm in love with that last one christine. i should really try making some! i've never done an ATC, i think the smallness scares me. yours are def inspiring though. love your blue world up there too :o)

Christine said...

You should definitely make some Rhi- I'd trade with you :)


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