Thursday, 20 September 2007

Crafting 365 (picking up where I left off): Day 4

So I got a bit behind on Crafting 365 to say the least but I'm back now and I'm teaching myself a new craft, crochet. I got the book quick crochet huge hooks out of the library as it looked like my sort of thing- I like quick results when it comes to crafting. So armed with a 15mm hook (size Q) I got hooking and have the early stages of a lovely soft purple scarf in my possession.

Sorry the picture isn't the best, I took it last night.

So far I'm finding crochet quite straightforward but then I've only learnt one stitch so far so it's early days. Any beginner crochet tips from any of my lovely readers?


gilfling said...

That is a crochet hook and a half!!! lol - you will pick it up in no time - the various stitches are actually relatively easy - just the combination of only a very few steps to make different variations - I found turning at the end of a row the hardest thing when I first taught myself - but again it is not too hard and once you have the hand of it you will flying!

Rhi said...

ditto to gilfling. crochet is a piece of pie!
i like chunky hooks. i like double/triple and half double stiches, and i like to do it in the back loop to get a ribbed effect!


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